Database Development

In general, there are two kinds of database projects - those that require a SQL server, and those that don't. For small businesses, the majority of projects are of the latter type. Digital Magic specializes in using FileMaker Pro to develop customized solutions for small businesses and architecting SQL based solutions for larger projects.

FileMaker Pro

The FileMaker Platform is a suite of tools used to easily build flexible database solutions for rapid deployment on Windows and Mac. The FileMaker Platform is ideal for:

  • Solutions that are currently based on spreadsheets or paper
  • Retrieving and exchanging data with enterprise systems
  • Data tracking, analysis and report generation
  • Workflow solutions for the department or workgroup

Below are two samples of database solutions created by Digital Magic for the publishing industry.

SQL Server

When your database needs to be accessed by hundreds of people at a time or you need to drive a web site with a back-end database, you will want to use some form of SQL server. Digital Magic will work with you to create a project plan for your database project and then supervise the development of the final product.

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