Macintosh System Support

At Digital Magic, we learned long ago to only work with the best. When it comes to technology, that means Macintosh Computers from Apple, inc. Our experience in this area goes back over 20 years to when the "Mac" was born and the mouse was new to everyone.

In recent years, Apple has been on a roll and is leading the industry in all areas of technology - Mac OS X, Macintosh Pro workstations, the MacBook Air, the iMac, and the iPhone. Digital Magic will help you make the most of your technology investment with the following services.

Hardware & Software Installation

While the Mac is by far the easiest platform to upgrade and support, there are those who would prefer not to get involved in the inner workings of their amazing machines. Sometimes it is easiest to let "the man behind the curtain" handle the installation of RAM, Hard Drives, and software packages that keep your computer running its best.

Troubleshooting & "Break-Fix"

On that rare occasion when a Mac does misbehave, it is most often due to a hardware failure of some kind. In some cases, however, a software issue is to blame. Sometimes it is difficult to identify the exact cause of the problem. That's where 20 years of experience in working with the platform comes in.

Backup System Strategies

Whether you are a creative shop with mission critical data or a home user with years of cherished photos stored digitally - either way - losing everything on your hard drive would be devastating. We can help you determine what level of backup security you need and implement a cost effective solution that meets your needs.

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